Notice Of Intent To File Claim

Other Information
This notice will advise Pegasus Logistics Group that the above consignment of goods has been lost and/or damaged and that you are holding us responsible for this loss.
As soon as the extent of the damage and/or amount of loss is ascertained, you must submit a detailed claim using the Customer Claim Form.
You will receive acknowledgement of receipt of this notice and advise you as soon as possible whether we wish to examine the damages.
NOTE: This Notice of Intent must be submitted within 48 hours of delivery for shipments with damage noted at the time of delivery or within 72 hours on concealed damage shipments.

You may also submit a Notice of Intent to:

  • Pegasus Logistics Group, Inc.
  • Attn: Claims
  • 306 Airline Drive, Suite 100
  • Dallas, TX 75019
  • Fax: +1 469-671-0349
  • Email: